Policy makers such as MPs, MLAs, etc., through leader to leader advocacy, can help achieve definitive commitments towards ensuring child rights. In this context, Kalinga Kusum Foundation has partnered with UNICEF in order to mobilize and orient legislatures, across political parties in the state of Odisha, on key child issues. The aim is that a few committed legislators (MLAs) may, through regular discourse and participation, lend their voices on issues pertaining to children in the media, floor of the Assembly; and in the general public policies sphere. Once sensitized, the MLAs are also taking actions on issues pertaining to children on a priority basis, in their respective constituencies. Another critical focus of this partnership has been to align policy and implementation, to ensure that every child in the state has the necessary protection and support to be able to exercise his or her child rights.

Under this initiative, Kalinga Kusum organizes a series of workshops/discussion sessions with our Hon’ble legislators on various thematic issues such as health of mother and child (including routine immunization), mother and child nutrition, sanitation, hygiene and water, child protection issues like child labor, child marriage, child sexual abuse, corporal punishment and children in institutions, quality education in schools, juvenile justice and legal rights of children, etc.

This partnership between Kalinga Kusum Foundation and UNICEF, envisaged strengthening the active participation of law makers cutting across political parties in policy formulation, implementation and review processes with specific reference to realization of rights of the children within the legal and programming framework as issued by GoI and GoO. The partnership aims to influence the key law makers for better planning and greater resource allocation on sectors related to children. Regular dialogue and knowledge sharing within outside the partnership framework may help law makers to intervene at appropriate time and place, and take decision towards building a safe and protective environment for children of Odisha.

Kalinga Kusum Foundation's mission is the socio-economic and legal empowerment of those living on the edges of society, with a special focus on children, women and tribal.



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